Blueberry Bushes

205 Meadowbrook Rd

West Saanich

Victoria, B.C.



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"Water right" in water law refers to the right of a user to use water from a water source, e.g., a river, stream, pond or source of groundwater. In areas with plentiful water and few users, such systems are generally not complicated or contentious. In other areas, especially arid areas where irrigation is practiced, such systems are often the source of conflict, both legal and physical. Some systems treat surface water and ground water in the same manner, while others use different principles for each.

205 Meadowbrook Rd has multiple water rights dating back to the 1960's.  With rights not only to use the water, for domestic, and irrigiation purposes but also for storing purposes.  This is particularly important as Meadowbrook Farm has the right to control the water tabel for the use of the property, in particular the property.  The water rights also allow the use of harnassing energy off of the water, building power lines and selling the power.  If you want off grid living, this is the property for you!