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205 Meadowbrook Rd

West Saanich

Victoria, B.C.



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District of Saanich



Located outside the urban containment boundary, the local area comprises rural acreages, small-scale farms, major parks, and institutional and government lands. These lands include a variety of green/blue spaces with high environmental, scenic, renewable resource, outdoor recreation, greenway, and/or social value.  Rural Saanich is valued by its residents and by those from outside the area for its natural beauty, diverse environments, high biological diversity, agricultural and well-forested lands, and rural lifestyle. The diversity of the natural environment and the variety of environmental features remain primarily as a result of on-going stewardship by local residents and Saanich’s leadership in implementing growth management, environmental protection, and other planning concepts to retain the character of the area and the health of its natural systems.

City of Victoria

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Victoria's natural assets — unique in Canada — lure some of the best and brightest people in their respective fields, from artists and academics to scientists and athletes. The city boasts a dynamic cultural scene, a blossoming high-technology sector and a vibrant economy fueled by millions of tourists from around the globe.  Victoria has the mildest climate in Canada, encouraging year-round outdoor activity.   As the second-largest city on Canada's west coast, Victoria is rich in maritime history and tradition.  


This cosmopolitan character belies the city's modest size. With only 325,000 people, Victoria still enjoys its status as a small centre, with all the benefits that imparts. Our city remains clean, quiet, and safe — the perfect place to study and to experience Canadian culture.