Blueberry Bushes

205 Meadowbrook Rd

West Saanich

Victoria, B.C.



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"Farm status" is a provincial voluntary program that a home owner can apply for to help bring down property taxes, the assessment is completed through BC Assessment.  If your property is larger than 1.98 acres you will need at least $2500 in farm revenue to potentially qualify. It is important to remember that this income is based off of your farm stand or farm gate prices, but can not be crops grown for home consumption.  

205 Meadowbrook Rd has about 2 acres of blueberries located in a seculed valley.  We sell wholesale as well as to direct customers and local markets.  The property currently supplies eggs to local restaurants and businesses each week.  With a large garden area, 5 horse boarders and 2 revenue properties there is huge potential for sustainable living for a family or group purchase.

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